Look what I made. It's a map of the Central Coast of California . I used a fantasy map making software (see resources above)  to create it. I had it put on acrylic (plastic) , although it's difficult to see the plastic in the picture, it really looks cool.  My cost was about $45, not including the software. If I can do it, you can do it.

It's time again! The Sidekick and Super Hero Awards are now gathering nominations for the 2018 SaSHAs. for the first time anybody can submit their choices for favorite sidekick, super hero or hero from 2018.  Now 2019 has started and the SaSHAs have started something new. For the first time we are honoring real American Heroes. Go to the SASHAs link above for details, and submit your favorite hero.

Can you believe it!!! I had Wronger edited and ready to go, then the hard drive that had the edits failed, and now I have to re-edit Wronger again. Fortunately I have two separate back-ups of the footage.

Finally after all these years Outer Space Boy will become available to stream. I will put links on here and the SaSHA site for you guys to watch it. I should have it up and available by February 1st 2019.

I have had to pull Drama in the House on Haunted Hill off of the Internet  to add closed captions. Drama should be available for streaming before February 1st, 2019. I will post links here and on tthe SaSHA website.

Look what I made. It's a picture of Atascadero's (city I live in) city hall. I added  a DAZ3D dinosaur. I had all of the resources from over the years, so it really cost me nothing. If I can do it, you can do it.

New Rules!


My book The Rules and Regulations for Rock and Roll and Groupies is now available on Amazon and other on-line retailers. The Rules and Regulations is a funny book detailing the rules required for a person to become a rocker. Funny stuff. This book was written, and can be seen in my movie Wronger.

This is a documentary about a movie I made titled The Making of God's Forsaken Children. This was made back in 2002, and it was the first time I used digital technology. Boy how things have changed.

The OSB Theory


Do you believe in God? This book is for you. the OSB Theory is only 37 pages long, however it details the nature of Dark Matter and Dark Energy.  Originally I was going to

submit this as a scientific paper, but I didn't have the time because of my other projects. If the OSB Theory is correct, it gives a very strong case for the existence of a God, and it defines why we as a species exists.

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