For those of you that don't know what Cosplay is, it stands for costume play, and it is huge. People go to conventions dressed as their favorite fantasy, sci-fi, anime, horror and other characters. It's a lot of fun, but all those people need costumes and props. We are talking about millions of people, so there is a market. I added links to different technologies here, because they can all be used for cosplay, and lots of other applications. Check them out, tons of fascinating things.


Some of the really cool materials that are being used for costumes are: Check out the links by clickiong the names below and watch the videos. Very cool stuff.




Reducit (very cool but for what application? Not sure)

Expandit (because size matters)

fabricform 2





Vacuum forming


Robot shop



3D Printers













So you want to make money with cosplay?


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