Love is in the air! Ok peps so you want love, or better yet have people pay for it, well this is for you. there is software available for you to make your own dating site. If you do not want to go through the headache of making a site, there are even companies that let you pay for a domain name, and they attach that to their database, so you have a pre-made template with people already on it. (I hate that) So all you have to do is get people to pay to join your site and you get a commission.


Be aware, I briefly tried making a dating site, and it is a lot of work promoting.


***FYI while going through this process I discovered tons of fraud and scamming by people that join the sites, and equally by people that administer the sites. I am wring a book about it, and I intend to bring the corruption out and hopefully have new laws that stop the fraud.

So you want to have your own dating site?


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