A documentary is a beast on its own to make, but don't fret it's possible even for ultra low budget. Back in 2001 I made a documentary titled The Making of God's Forsaken Children, and i made it for less than a thousand dollars. Of course back then the digital technology was new and limited compared to today.


The point is, if you want to say something, say it in a documentary. But be aware, documentaries can be a little expensive. You may need stock footage EXPENSIVE! You will probably have to have a million dollar liability insurance policy to shoot on public land, even a street, plus permits. EXPENSIVE! You can make a documentary, but there are expenses you should research before you jump in, like lawyers. Some distribution channels won't take your documentary unless you have errors and omissions insurance because of potential lawsuits. On a documentary, tread lightly and tread smartly, and once you are covered legally tread as hard as you can.

So you want to make a documentary?


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