So you want to make Flags?


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Make flags?  What for? What a stupid idea right? have them made and turn around and re-sell them. Flags of what? Try your local high school or college. Lots of spirit there. Try little league team parents. Make geeky flags, like for LARP or gaming. Just remember NOT to use copyrighted material. Be creative.


DID YOU KNOW? Back in the day a family had their own crest and it was put on flags and banners. Heck make your own family crest, use Daz3d stuff and make family crests for other people. There are no rules.


Use 3d graphics programs or photo manipulation software to make the graphics for the flags. Click the company names below to go to their sites. Check them out and understand what they do, and if you have any questions youtube has tons of tutorials.


Flag Printing Companies


The Flag Makers

Design My Own Flag

NorthStar Flags

Custom Flag Makers


Graphics Design Software



Adobe Photoshop


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