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Wronger is the third of three movies I have made using elements of public domain.  In Wronger I have mostly used public domain music.


This funny mock documentary follows Thrash, the bass player for a cover band called Marsha Marsha Marsha. There were not enough girls in the band so he had to be Marsha. After one gig the band broke up so Thrash sets out to create a new speed metal band called Wronger. Follow Thrash as he assembles his band, has a promotional photo-shoot, his first rehearsal and his first gig.


Wronger is currently in post production


See the clip below


Outer Space Boy -  A Super Hero Story is the second feature film I have used elements of public domain and Creative Commons footage and photos.  Why use public domain and creative commons?  A couple of reasons, first off its free, secondly I want to show how you can use public domain and creative common material in your work.


In a world where super heroes really exist Daniel wanted to make a documentary about them, but what he did not expect was to be put in the middle of the heroes and the villains. While making his documentary Daniel suddenly receives manila envelopes revealing the locations of villains.  Now he must figure out if a villain or a hero is giving him the envelopes and why.


OSB will be available for rental or purchase in June of 2017. Details coming soon.


See the clip of OSB below

My movie Wronger is the first movie to get an RDRating. Wronger received a Rec14 or a recommended age 14 or older to view the movie. Although there is some foul language and some minor sexual references in the movie, the film is considered appropriate in content for a 14 year old to understand.  Drama in the House on Haunted Hill received a Rec13 and Outer Space Boy received a Rec12.

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The Future of Outer Space Boy Now that Outer Space Boy is finally getting ready to be sold, I find myself at a cross roads. I have a first draft of Outer Space Boy 2 completed as a feature film, however with the onslaught of Super Hero series I might just try and sell it as a series. In the mean time OSB is getting ready to be available for download , and the online sources. Hopefully Huiu Netflix and others will pick it up.

Two characters from Outer Space Boy 2

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This is a documentary about a movie I made titled The Making of God's Forsaken Children. This was made back in 2002, and it was the first time I used digital technology. Boy how things have changed.

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