Ok here's the skinny on making a magazine. First off start out small. What I mean that is don't expect thousands of subscribers, and start out doing a quarterly publication or even three times a year. Next find a theme for your magazine. What is it all about? What kind of demographics do you have. Who is your magazine targeted to?


Now get a word processing program and a photo manipulation program. Gimp is a free photo manipulation and Wordperfect is a word processor which is similar to Word but much cheaper. Now start creating your magazine. Go to local businesses and convince them to  give you  $25-$50 dollars for ads you will put in your magazine. make them understand the value of what they are getting.


Now assemble and complete your magazine. Once that is done, there are three ways to publish it. You can use print-on-demand technology (click HERE)  you can use a printing company, or you can create it electronically like an e-book. You should be able to buy some copies of your magazine  from the ad money you received. Take those to local stores and sell them to the businesses at a marked up price, but make sure the retail value is affordable, so the retailer can make money from them. An example, your cost is $3.00 per magazine from a print-on-demand, you make whole sale at $6.25 and retail at $9.99 that gives a profit of $3.74 to the retailer. $9.99 is not far off in price for a semi-annually or quarterly magazine. Once you make sales, have more printed, sell them on websites, Amazon. com or other places. It will be a lot of hard work, and no real money for the first or second or even third volume, but if it is good, you will build up your base and make more money.

So you want to make a magazine?


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