A picture here, a picture there, a picture picture everywhere.  Did you know there are companies that will pay for your pictures? yep, but there's a few catches. First off, who are these companies? They are magazines, websites, blogs, website theme creators and so on.


Now for the catches. They have to be good pictures, not crappy ones and you must have 100% legal rights to them. That means there can be no logos, or trademark, or copyright material in the background. Plus if there are people in it, you must have written permission from them to be in at AND the right to distribute the pictures with them in it. Aside from that, if they're good, there's a huge market for them.


Stock photo sites are all over the internet, so find them, read their terms, and start selling.


Also check selling your video footage. Click HERE








 . . . you get the picture


So you want to make a photos?


Attention: I do not warrant or represent any of the companies named or listed on this site.

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