Do you really know what a copyright is? When you create something that is artistic (movies, songs, books, art, etc.) it is called intellectual property. A copyright gives the ncreator of the intellectual property the right to make money from the intellectual property they created, but for a limited time. I know that most of you think that a copyright is a legal ownership of intellectual property that some mega corporation created. In fact it is a temporary license for the creator of the intellectual property to make money from. Did you know that after a certain amount of time the creator of the intellectual property  loses that copyright hold and the art becomes part of the public domain. That's right!! Someday Star Trek and Star Wars will be a part of the public domain.


What is public domain? Public domain is what happens to intellectual property when it loses it's copyright protection. Once intellectual property goes into the public domain, anybody can pretty much do anything they want with it, including make money.


Check out the Drama Clip on the right. here I took the public domain movie House on Haunted Hill, I eliminated all audio, and added new audio and dialogue and made a completely new movie out of it. I used DVD-On-Demand technology (click HERE) to make it available on, so buy the whole movie, it's funny!


I can go on for days about public domain. The laws are complicated because of the government so ALWAYS do your research. Just because something is public domain and is on the internet does not mean you can use it. Take my movie Drama in the House on Haunted Hill, the movie House on Haunted Hill is public domain, but the changes I have made to it are copyrighted, so if you tried to make money from my movie, I could sue you. Study up on public domain.


One FYI there is also a new(ish) thing called Creative Commons where a copyright owner waves the copyright so anybody can use it, usually with stipulations like they get credit for it.













So you want to make a money with public domain?


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