Ok the word of the day ladies and gentlemen is DROPSHIP. Dropshippers are companies that you sign up for, have a website (usually from the company) and you sell their products through the websites. The cool thing is you have no inventory you have to deal with. Basically you sell it, then the company directly ships it to the customer, and you keep your percentage. Sounds great, and a lot of dropship companies have millions of products to sell. So what's the downside? You must do all of the marketing and advertising for the products, and for the dropship company to make money their wholesale costs are fairly high, so your retail sales may not be real competitive, however you can make a ton of cash if you have volume sales. Another thing is you pay the dropship a monthly fee.  Upsides and downsides.


Another way to have your own retail company is sell through places like etsy.com, e-bay.com and amazon.com go to sites like craigslist and get free merchandise to sell, or go to garage sales and buy cheap and sell.


Dropship companies




Smartliving company


Worlwide brands





So you want to have your own retail company?


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