Action! Ok you want to write a script, and you have probably read a thousand things from a thousand different people about breaking into Hollywood as a writer. Well I am going to add a few more things I bet you didn't know about.


The common knowledge first. Script format is specific and one page roughly equals about one minute of film time. So in theory  a 90 page script should equal a 90 minute movie. In my experience that is true(ish). If you are going to write a script for Hollywood, I do recommend that you use a script writing program.


With that said, how do you sell a script. Well in standard practice, you get a literary agent, and that agent sends your script to various studios, and if you are lucky your script gets optioned or bought. (Options is the rights to the script for a limited time) The same holds true for televisions scripts. Blah! Blah! Bla! There are a million websites and magazines that give you this information.


Do you want to know what they do not tell you?


 Do you know that you could go directly to productions company websites, and some of them will take your scripts directly. There  are websites you pay that put your idea or script in front of producers and production companies. There are tons of micro and low budget people that want a movie to make, that they can't afford to buy a script. Write one for them, sell it to them for cheap like $300 or $500 and get a percentage of the movie. You may not get rich this way, but guess what, if you write a good script, the movie will get noticed. This is a good way to get your work out there. Become a movie producer. Why wait for someone to buy your script when you can make it yourself. If you can think up a story, you can figure out how to produce a movie.

Writers Resources


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These are a few of the many resources available for screenwriters. Want a list of productions companies?


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So you want to write a script?


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