So you want to make money with Trading Cards?


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Technology has changed so much that pretty much anything can be done these days. I'm talking about trading cards. Yep like baseball crads, magic cards (a game) and all sorts of other kinds of trading cards.  What do you create? Heck if your kids belong to a little league team, make a deck of cards of the kids and sell the decks to the parents. Or to the local high school teams, or of local attractions and sell the decks to local travel agencies. The point is there are lots of things you can do, just remember to get WRITTEN permission to  use the image of whatever you're taking a picture of. Check out the video on the right, it can help you make prototypes before you go to print. Click the company names below to go to their sites. Check them out and understand what they do, and if you have any questions youtube has tons of tutorials.


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