What is IPTV? It stands for internet Protocol Television. Basically it's an internet TV station much like Hulu. The thing about having your own IPTV station is you need content, so you will need advertisers to buy your content, but you will need subscribers to get the advertisers. Ugh! What to do.


So what do you do? Well to start your own TV station you will need a server (computer) software, etc. That is where you end up, making lots of money with lots of content etc.


Here's a way you can have your own TV station immediately.  Build a website like this, total costs will be a couple hundred dollars. I use Adobe Muse to create this site, I pay $25 a month to use it. (Easy to use) Get lots of affiliate advertisements, then go to youtube and past it into your website. (Like the Star trek movie on the right)


Find documentaries, shorts, funnies and put it on your website and make a TV station out of it. People will show up, the advertisers will generate revenue and you build from there.

So you want your own internet TV station?


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