Here is something that could be done and I am really, really surprised nobody is doing it. Actually I will be doing this some time next year (2015) for movie making. There are lots and lots of really, really expensive colleges, that by the time you're done, you are $50,000 in debt or more. Frak that! Me personally I would rather be taught a real world application that something that would be me an entry level position at corporate hell. What I mean by real world is let's say I want to learn how to design and sew a costume for a movie. I don't want to go to college and take classes I don't need, or care about, I just want to know how to sew a costume. Well let's say you are really good at sewing and designing wardrobe. You could start your own mini-college specifically about designing and sewing wardrobe. How might you ask? Did you know that colleges using software for their on-line courses that allow you to learn, but you never go to the actual class. This is the same concept. make some demonstration photos and videos for your class, write detailed information, and have that on your own website that you create. One that allows for log ins which may require a server. Anyway people can pay $50 or $100 or $200 or whatever to take your course. After they pay they can log in and learn from your website, then they can take quizzes from software such as moodle (same as the college use). If they pass the class they get a cheap certificate showing that they passed your class. the truth is the certificate means nothing, it's the knowledge they gain from learning about making the wardrobe that it is important. They may not get a college degree, but who gives  a rats ass. They learn something they can immediately put into practical use.


 You could even become accredited by the state, maybe give your website stuff for free, then maybe the students must pay $1,000 or $5,000 to show up at your location to take the test to get an accredited degree.  I know that these numbers don't make it sound like a lot of money, but consider if you get 1,000 students. Over time that can become a lot of money.

So you want to start a university?


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