I don't think many people really know how powerful a website can really be. It not only allows you to express your opinion, do business, but it also allows you to change lives. If you have a website or a blog, one of the ways you can make money is from affiliate marketing like the one on the right. Click it and see. With affiliates you can add revenue to your business, plus it shows a bit of respectability to your site. If companies allow you to have their advertisements on their sites, then they must have a certain amount of trust in you.


When you sign up for affiliate advertising and put the ads on your site (like on the right) people click the ad an it takes  them to the advertisers site. If a person buys something from the ad they clicked, you get a percentage of that sale. The key is to have lots of people go to your site, the odds are somebody will buy something.


I built this website myself, but I AM NOT a website builder. I do not know code and everything I have learned about building a website I have learned on my own. I use Adobe Muse, and If I can do it you can do it.


To have a website you need to buy two things for sure. A domain name which is the name of your website, like this one is silverpaladin.com the second thing is a domain host. That is the computer where your website is based from like a server. I use iPower for my domain host, and I get my domain names from them.

So you want to make a website?


Attention: I do not warrant or represent any of the companies named or listed on this site.

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