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The first Beta test module for Gildan is available for free. This module is for Adventure Managers only. Read the rules for GILDAN before downloading this test module. Click the thumbnail above to download the module.

ATTN: Gamers. My Beta version of my game Gildan is now available as a  hardback book. This book is  a limited edition, so get your copy before I discontinue the book.  Click the picture above to buy the book.

Free PDF Version

Free PDF Version

Wronger is a funny mock-documentary about a dysfunctional rock band.

This movie is part of the OSB Shared Universe.



Gildan is a new fantasy role playing game which I have just released. It is currently in the testing phase and the manual, plus a sample module are available to test play for free. For a limited time the manual comes in a hardback book available at Barnes & Noble, on line and other book retailers. Click the GILDAN link above for details.



Wronger is a funny mock-documentary about a dysfunctional rock band called Wronger.  This movie was made to show what can be done for less than five-thousand dollars. Shot in Los Angels and the Central Coast of California with only a director (me) a wardrobe designer, a handful of talented makeup artists and dozens of volunteer actors. No crew, no location scouts and no bottles of aspirin left. Watch the movie below, or click on the VIDEOS link above.

The manual for the Beta version of Gildan is available by clicking the thumbnail above. One hundred pages long, the manual gives you the basic information you need to test play the game. Feedback is encouraged.

Drama is the House on Haunted Hill is a funny movie about entitled people. I took the public domain movie House on Haunted Hill (below) then I eliminated all of the audio and I added new audio and new dialogue, making a new movie out of it.



One Year with Michael Judd is a weekly pod-cast following Michael as he reveals his strategies, trials and tribulations for promoting his projects. Starting in 11/1/2023 and ending 11/1/2024, follow one year of Michael's life.

Anything I can do you can do better



The Fairies of Shishir is a card game designed  to be played with up to five players. Made for ages 10 and up, this game allows the players to team up rather than play against each other. The game is based on the Island of Shishir in my Gildan game, and I will be doing a crowdfunding campain for the game soon.

My first hard cover book showcasing the early digital art I created. Now available at Barnes&Noble

ABOVE - Click the picture of me above to donate and help me finish my documentary about the Endgame Convention.




LEFT - The houses of Westerdell are finally for sale. Click the Westerdell picture on the left to go to my Indigogo campaign and buy a house in Westerdell.. There is a limited supply and lots of possible money making perks.


The fairy SEO from my card game based in the world of Gildan. The game is called The Fairies of Shishir, and the fairies come from the island of Shishir in the world of Gildan. Soon I will be doing a crowd funding campaign to have a limited number of decks printed. Watch my podcast One Year with Michael Judd for details.

At the end of 2019 I started to put together a global climate change convention titled The Endgame Convention.  Shortly after attempting to create the convention, COVID hit and I had to postpone. At the end of 2021 I started to create the Endgame Convention again. For nearly six months, I contacted more than fifty companies, celebrities, media and more. Apocalypse Tuesday is a documentary highlighting my efforts to assemble the Endgame Convention, and the projects I have postponed to try and make it.

The original movie House on Haunted Hill. This movie is praised as one of the greatest horror films. Really? If this wasn't a studio movie I would have applauded it.

My movie Outer Space Boy. It was created to start the OSB Shared Universe to help other content creators possibly get noticed.

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